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The Paralegal Society Has More Than 5,000 Members!!!

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The Paralegal Society blog began to make some waves and garnered itself a tremendous group of loyal followers and long list of subscribers. We started a LinkedIn group and people began to flock to it, slowly in the beginning, but more steadily over time. And day-by-day and week-by-week, this group became something special for many of us. It’s a place I turn to each day for social interaction, encouragement, career advice, knowledge, sharing, and inspiration. It’s our own little corner of the legal landscape, there to provide us each a brief respite to what is oftentimes, a chaotic career field. It became a place we each can visit to share, mingle, chat with colleagues, share a good laugh (or twelve) and let our hair (neckties and self-sensors) down.


Congrats to the Paralegal Society!!!


The Paralegal Profession: 5 Must-Have Qualities for Success

I especially like the most important quality:

“Exceptional reading and writing skills are necessary in the field of law. It is top priority for a paralegal to do their job accurately and communicate clearly. Ninety percent of your day may consist of proofreading court documents, reviewing medical records, and writing pleadings that are filed with the court. The tiniest mistake on a document, or a mistake in document review could cost a client their case, anger a judge, or have your boss screaming at you.”

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