About Jess

Blog of Certified Paralegal with focus on technology, writing, and Intellectual Property Law.


Summary of Experience & Skills:

General Duties:

• Researched and compiled information pertaining to national and international intellectual property rights, including procedural matters and case law, unfair competition and copyright infringement actions.
• Prepared status summary reports for attorneys and clients as required.
• Coordinated international filings with foreign law offices and other foreign entities.
• Maintained docket system of deadlines for actions, including responses, renewals, oppositions, Patent Cooperation Treaty requirements, and payments of patent annuities in foreign countries.
• Assisted in intellectual property-related prosecution and litigation.

Patents & Trademarks:

• Performed online searches of patent and trademark USPTO records, industry databases and general legal research.
• Conducted searches for information regarding assigned patents and trademarks.
• Filed applications, statements of use, renewal applications, affidavits of use, and assignments as needed.
• Drafted responses to actions and oppositions regarding patents and trademarks.
• Monitored client’s trademarks and patents to guard against potential infringements.
• Reviewed products, advertising, and packaging to ensure proper use of client’s trademarks.
• Maintained foreign trademarks and patents, which included corresponding directly with foreign associates.
• Conferred with foreign associates and offices regarding research and filing applications, renewals, affidavits of use and oppositions as needed.
• Obtained certifications for filing foreign patents.
• Devised filing strategies for inventions to provide the best protection of the patent.


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