Changes and Trends in Paralegal Education.

The Researching Paralegal

Take Your Seats, by Sally A. Kane, J.D., Paralegal Today

A changing economic climate, emerging technologies and a global legal market have transformed the legal industry. In response to evolving market demands, paralegal educators and law firm managers are adapting school programs, continuing legal education courses and training policies to better prepare today’s paralegals for success in the workforce and in their careers.

‘Paralegal roles are expanding,’ said Charles Volkert, Esq., executive director of Robert Half Legal, a national legal staffing service based in  Menlo Park, Calif. ‘Law firms look for multiple skill sets and a wide variety of experience as they expand globally.’

What skills sets are hot in today’s paralegal market? Paralegal educators, managers and recruiters across the country agree that a combination of strong technology, writing and communication skills, and hands-on experience will help paralegals excel in the workplace. Other hot trends in paralegal education…

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