Stress of a Lawyer;sz=300×250;ord=[timestamp]?

a certain amount of stress.

Non-attorneys would think the stress comes from preparing for a big trial, deposing a hostile witness, or crafting the perfect contract for a picky client.

But that’s nothing compared to the constant, nagging, real-life kind, the kind you get from the day-to-day grind of being a law-abiding attorney.

Specifically, stress from:

Not answering client calls because you don’t have time right now to research their case and give them updates.Failing to back up your hard drive that has everything (literally everything) on it, just after you see the “blue screen of death.”Uncertainty over whether or not your new client is really, for sure, unconnected to any of your other clients.The potential that your court date was moved and you forgot to record it.Lagging on invoicing clients because you’re not 100% sure you’ve logged their billables properly.


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