Trademarking a Blog – Great Info!

You should trademark your blog name if…

If you spend a lot of time creating unique, original, and valuable information to share with readers on your blog, you may have thought about trademarking your blog name already. You’re not alone. Many bloggers large and small have already taken this step.

For example, the AOL-owned blog THE HUFFINGTON POST is a registered trademark, as is the niche independent blog NOM NOM PALEO. How can you decide if your blog is worth trademarking? If any of the statements below are true for you and your blog, you might want to consider starting thetrademark registration process:

You share unique, original information on your blog that readers can’t find anywhere elseYou use your blog to communicate messages about your business/brandA large amount of readers/visitors/subscribers regularly come to your blog for the valuable information you provideYou are starting to find other blogs that look and sound a lot like yoursYour personal blog has evolved into a business opportunity

If you’re still unsure about whether your blog is worth trademarking, consult with a trademark attorney.


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