“Paralegals (Desperately) In Need of PROPS”

Great article!!!

The Paralegal Society™

By: Lottie Wathen

What happens when I receive an e-mail from the incredibly funny and talented Lottie Wathen at 1:00 o’clock in the morning? This. That’s what! As far as my sanity and personal opinion are concerned, Lottie needs to start sending me pieces under the cover of darkness and departed sanity far more often. Your first challenge for the day? Take a big drink of that caffeinated beverage sitting desk-side, keep reading, and no matter what happens in this post, do not smirk, smile or laugh. (Seriously). Let’s see if you can do it. Ready…go!

(Cartoon created via Bitstrips. And if you are already smiling, you lose.)

Feeling less than stellar in your pumps today?

Have your efforts at drafting discovery fallen flatter than your hair at 5:35 p.m.?

Is the eloquence gone from your normally superior emotionally charged demands?

Are you struggling to make it from 9 to Noon – forget 9…

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