Jess Paralegal ~ Intellectual Property Law Paralegal

ImageIntellectual property, often known as IP, allows people to own their creativity and innovation in the same way that they can own physical property. The owner of IP can control and be rewarded for its use, and this encourages further innovation and creativity.
The ever increasing level of piracy and counterfeiting costs U.S. businesses substantial revenue annually. As such, a business has to be as vigilant in protecting its intangible assets as it would be in protecting its tangible property. Intellectual property law is a means to combat the widespread theft of a company’s most important assets.

Jess Paralegal ~ Intellectual Property Law Paralegal Duties:
• Coordinated trademark prosecution, foreign and domestic.
• Performed trademark searches.
• Received and docket all trademark mail.
• Provided back-up support for Patent Paralegal.
• Prepared and file patent applications, foreign and domestic.
• Processed and draft replies on own initiative or from attorney’s dictation or notes.
• Prepared formal documents for inventors’ signatures.
• Drafted non-disclosure agreements, applications, and responses.
• Coordinated travel for clients, associates, and attorneys.
• Processed incoming and outgoing mail, including docketing deadlines.
• Performed Time Entry and billing.
• Maintained and updated docket.
• Maintain client database.
• Request instructions from clients and authorize as appropriate.
• Maintain docketing system, including running weekly and monthly docket reports.
• Prepared and filed U.S. and foreign patent and trademark correspondence.
Freelance Certified Real Estate Paralegal & Writer.
• Completed Intellectual Property tasks such as docket management, organization of transaction documents and file preparation.
• Answered product submission inquiries by phone or correspondence.
• Prepared special reports or information into PC generated reports and checks them for accuracy, including international licensee and intellectual property summaries.
• Performed research of files and routine computer research as required.
• Coordinated administrative function with contracted clients with regard to records retention.
• Investigated and researched factual evidence of a transaction or case and prepares exhibits or schedules.
• Assisted in the preparation of legal documents such as trademark applications, renewals, contracts, leases and closing documents.
• Obtained due diligence materials such as real estate and title information and securities filings.
• Performed research and maintained data base of organizational activities.
• Prepared and submitted expense reports, arranges for travel and certain other administrative duties that are reasonably associated with the above essential functions of the job.

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